Maybe it's the fact that they are not from a security company that happens to service cannabis industry, but rather a cannabis services company that specializes in security for the industry. Maybe it's the fact that we are largely staffed by veterans of the U.S. military who served in the post-9/11 wars. That's in addition to being founded and managed by veterans as well. It could also be that they work in a broad capacity - a varying spectrum of operations and challenges - all unique to marijuana. Our solutions range from personnel right outside your cultivation facility, to the friendly face at the front of your dispensary, along with any of the other security requirements your business might have.

Our people are doing it all, and in a manner that is second to none. It goes beyond security; it's peace of mind. The men and women that we send you aren't called security guards. They're too well trained in adapting to the ever-changing security situation that the cannabis industry faces every single day. They're proactive - not reactive. They're polite, professional, and extremely capable. We call them operators.


Many would say that there are two critical aspects of a successful transport: it has to be conducted safely and quickly.


We agree, but we feel that there's a third that is especially important to cannabis. Your customers don't need to be thrown off balance when a bunch of uniformed and armed personnel come walking in the door... And your operations don't need to be highlighted either.



Our secure transport model is built around that philosophy. Our highly trained transport teams are plain-clothed, and carry their weapons concealed whenever possible. Even further, our transport vehicles are non-descript and can easily disappear in traffic.



Having Stronghold Protection Group for your transport needs means having an adaptable and discreet alternative to uniformed guards in slow moving and high profile armored trucks. Having Stronghold Protection Group for your transport needs means having your assets or your product arrive safely, on time, and discretely.


We are 100% committed to customer service and doing our part to make sure your clients feel safe and welcome during their visit to your business.



This is the mentality that we have at Stronghold Protection Group. It is our sincere hope that no client of ours ever has to use the training we provide. However if they do, we want them to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals that they can use as building blocks over a lifetime.


If you ever do find yourself in those ten seconds that you’ve trained for, the instruction you will have received from SPG will be invaluable.


Our team is capable of conducting one-on-one, or small group training that focuses on real-world scenarios. Much of it is the same training that we received while serving in the armed forces, and we train our Operators and our clients from the same book.


Training Includes: Dispensary ID Card Procedure, Emergency Procedures Training, First Aid Training and more...

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